of Haitians are unable to read due to a lack of education


We aim to give children a healthy start in life with the opportunity to learn without the constant reminder of poverty. In rural communities in Haiti, we strive to alleviate the financial strain on families to send children by providing school supplies and tuition assitance program.  


With low enrollment in primary school, at roughly 85% – The average Haitian, will fall out of school will have less than  five years of education. This is mainly due to the lack of funding and economy. The Jolly Scholastic Scholarship program aims to manage that problem by affording children in rural communities of Haiti and opportunity to advance. 

Every child deserves a future, in Haiti and around the world!

Primary Education

Secondary Education

In our recent trip to Cap Haitien we met with the Head Teachers and Directors of the local primary and secondary schools. It was refreshing to hear them share ideas as well as challenges that they face within their respective schools. Using that information, we developed a process that will help us create happier lives and futures for children in need of a positive change. 

Local Partnerships

$2 – 20 Days of learning for 1 student

$10 – Back-to-school materials for 1 student

Every Dollar Counts!


Be The Solution 

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 The Jolly Scholastic Scholarship program is committed to the education of children who are committed to their education. With recommendations from their Teachers, we will reward their academic achievements with assistance from our program. 

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