Working towards improving the quality of life is an ongoing journey for us. Dating back to the 1960s, the seeds of generosity and compassion were being planted from the founder's grandfather, Theodule Pierre Louis. This was a man who believed in honor, dignity, charity and family. A committed father, husband and holistic doctor, Theodule was also a man of faith; believing everyone deserves a chance at a quality life. When he wasn't offering free weekly services at his clinic, he would donate the produce in his small garden to the local church and the homeless. Amidst the poverty, he worked tirelessly to send nearly 250 kids to attend school. Before leaving this earth he left behind a legacy of kindness and generosity. 



We honor Theodule Pierre Louis, by continuing his legacy. To spread the message of hope and love. Empower the less fortunate. Give communities access to clean water. Create sustainability with our agricultural trade program, while increasing the national literacy rate.

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