L'ecole Fondation de St. Vincent is a Trade schools we've had the privilege to partner with. There, we will offer rural communities in the North, an opportunity to learn a trade and provide income for their families. This Trade School also brings services to the rural communities that are currently only available in larger cities, contributing to the growth of rural economies and communities.

Smart Farming can prove to be the key to unlock sustainability in rural communities. In Rivière Salée, a local farmer, Atius, has created a sustainable Tree Farming business, selling thousands of Trees to Contractors over the years. Using the innovative approach of a Hoop Ring Greenhouse, he grows Oak, Mahogany, Cedar and Mango Trees.  Paired with his expertise, JSF will work together to extend his knowledge to other Haitian Farmers during our monthly courses.

During our visit in Cap’Haitien, we met with a Tamara Augistine and her team of Young women who own and operate an agribusiness raising chickens. Together, we will begin our partnership in teaching girls how to master the agriculture trade and create sustainable livelihoods.

Agriculture is central to the Haitian economy, employing more than half of the population and serving as the primary source of income in rural areas.